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Chrysoprase is a natural gemstone with natural green colour. The name is derived from Greek words meaning golden green. Asians prefer to call it "Australian Jade". Chrysoprase has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Moh's Scale. It is a symbol of luck, wealth and health.

The stunning green color, caused by nickel oxide, makes Chrysoprase highly admirable by gemstone lovers. It is believed to have magical powers, balancing yin-yang energy and bringing energy to the physical body through the loving heart. According to the 11th Century Byzantine manuscript of Michael Psellius, Chrysoprase was believed to strengthen vision and relieve internal pain.

The Book of Revelations (21:20) records the holy city of Jerusalem with its 12 foundation walls, each decorated with precious gemstone, including the tenth, being Chrysoprase.

You'd think beautiful, natural and hard gemstone would cost the earth. But, just for once, the highly desirable is highly affordable.


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